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Welcome to "Where Is the Voice of Reason?" FreedomFest 2018 July 11 - 14 2018 Paris Resort Las Vegas. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!
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Thursday, July 12

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Fast Money Alert: What Are the Hottest Stocks to Invest in Today? Vendome AEagle Financial Publications • Mark Skousen • Jim Woods • Eagle Financial Publications • Fast Money Summit PANEL Open Hearts, Closed Borders: Is the 'Wall' About Rule of Law or Racism? Versailles 3Ken Schoolland • James Green • Steve Sanchez • Lesley Skousen • The Inconsiderate Houseguest (16 min) Letitia Capili, dir. • Saber Rock 10 Top Ways To Disinherit the IRS Post Trump's Tax Reform LoireEstate Planning Specialists • Estate Planning Specialists Burning Man and Libertarianism BordeauxGrover Norquist • Rebecca Gasca • Avens O'Brien • Judd Weiss CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM DAY How to Get Started with Conscious Capitalism and Self-Management Tools to Support Your Team Champagne 4Amanda Kathryn Roman • Chris Rufer DEBATE: Is Faith Compatible with Reason? Versailles 2Steven Watts • Daniel Peterson • Michael Shermer Explaining Our Breakthrough Desalination & Water Recycling Technologies BurgundyJohn Collier • Reliable One Resources How Fake News and Social Media Have Rewired the American Brain RivoliJason Stapleton • Deneen Borelli • Ross Douthat • Charlie Kirk • Rich Lowry The Deplorables' Healthcare...Trump, Democrats, or What They Really Need? Champagne 1Chriss Street • Tony Dale • Jeff Kanter • Charles Sauer • Ralph Weber • Dr. Jack M. Wolfson • www.healthexcellenceplus.com The Supremes Rule: The Complete Report on the Latest SCOTUS Decisions ChablisRandy Barnett • Anastasia Boden • Ilya Shapiro ROUNDTABLE AND BOOK SIGNING The 21-Day Miracle: How to Change Anything in 3 Short Weeks (Introduced by Chuck Muth) Exhibit HallChuck Muth • Ed Rush

1:25pm PDT

2:00pm PDT

Ultimate Way to Beat the Market Decade after Decade Vendome APaul Wendee • Eric Gemelli • Alexander Green • Jim Rogers • Donald Smith • Eagle Financial Publications • Fast Money Summit PANEL 200 Years of Frankenstein: Leviathan and the Mad Scientist Versailles 3Jo Ann Skousen • Ronald Bailey • Mia Frampton • Socky O'Sullivan • Ryan Rapsys • Anthem Libertarian Film Festival 50 Shades of Green: Dominate Asset Protection, Control vs. Ownership LoireRick Durfee • Durfee Law Group Are We Headed for Racial Harmony or Race Riots? (Introduced by Floyd Brown) RivoliFloyd Brown • Larry Elder CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM DAY Changing the Way Business Is Perceived and Practiced with Conscious Capitalism Champagne 4Jay Lapeyre • Alexander McCobin • Amanda Kathryn Roman Heavens on Earth: The Scientific Search for the Afterlife (Introduced by Edward Hudgins) Champagne 1Edward Hudgins • Michael Shermer How NOT To Invest in Oil and Gas BordeauxRay Kong • King Operating Corporation Recession-Resistant Real Estate: Why It Is a Perfect Time to Diversify into Mobile Homes and Self-Storage ChablisHunter Thompson • Cash Flow Connections The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Plot to Stop It followed by booksigning (Introduced by Elizabeth Ames) Versailles 2Elizabeth Ames • Andy Puzder Unique Investment Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Revolution, Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals BurgundyGregor Gregersen • Silver Bullion ROUNDTABLE AND BOOK SIGNING Cultural Cancer: Treating the Disease of Political Correctness (Introduced by Vicki Alger) Exhibit HallVicki Alger • Daryl Kane

2:30pm PDT

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3:20pm PDT

Five Pot Stocks That Can Make You a Millionaire Like Me Vendome ADoug Casey • Eagle Financial Publications • Fast Money Summit Belize Advantage: Your Banking, Real Estate & Corporate Safe Haven BurgundyMichael Cobb • Dave Drummond • Rachel Jensen • Peter Zipper • Belize Advantage CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM DAY Conscious Capitalism as a Business Profit Strategy -- Case Studies and Success Stories from the Field Champagne 4Vidar Jorgensen • John Mackey • Amanda Kathryn Roman • Roy Spencer How to Predict the Market (and Why Your Prepper Neighbor Might Not Be Crazy) LoireEric Gemelli • Learn2invest.co None of the Above! Finally Finding A Cure For Political Dysfunction followed by booksigning Champagne 1Steven "Nemo" Nemerovski • John Fund • Tim Huelskamp • Terry Kibbe • David Nott Revolutionary New Currency or Tulipmania? The Big Bitcoin Debate RivoliNaomi Brockwell • Anthem Blanchard • Euro Pacific Capital • Gary Smith • Jeffrey Tucker Should We Tolerate State-Sanctioned Theft of Your Ideas? Pros and Cons of Intellectual Property Rights BordeauxBarbara Kolm • Taylor Davidson • Andrew Kovalcin • Timothy H. Lee • Ross Marchand • Austrian Economics Center The Playboy Debate: Should a Room Be Dedicated to Hugh Hefner? (Book signing to follow) Versailles 2Jennifer Grossman • Ross Douthat • Steven Watts WEALTH – PRIVACY – CAPITAL GAINS ChablisDavid Metcalfe • Premier Diamond Group (North America) Ltd. ROUNDTABLE AND BOOK SIGNING Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Railsplitter Saved the American Dream--and How We Can Do It Again (Introduced by Lee Edwards) Exhibit HallDr. Lee Edwards • Rich Lowry

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