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From the Ground Up (70 min) David Lasdon, dir.

In 2008 David Lasdon was appointed a delegate to the Republicans National Convention. Given access not usually afforded to non-party insiders, he got a documentary film crew together and started interviewing people about the Republican party. He didn’t know it at the time but he was filming the beginning of the rise of the tea party and the birth of the angry voter. Over the course of the next couple of years David filmed local groups and campaigns. He interviewed grassroots ordinary people and Washington politicians. The result is “From The Ground Up,” the story of the rise of the angry voter. While other films talk about the 2009-2010 period from the perspective of the Washington insider, “From The Ground Up” is told from the perspective of the tea party founders, the volunteers, and the citizens who ran for office to change Washington.

PANEL: “The Rise and Triumph of the Angry Voter” Gunnar Hardy, Jeff Hewitt, Craig Bowden, Tim Huelskamp, Steve Nemorovski, Jenny Beth Martin, David Lasdon; Adam Brandon, mod.