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avatar for Gandhi vs Justice (25 min) Pratik Khandhadiya

Gandhi vs Justice (25 min) Pratik Khandhadiya

Inspired from  true life events, this is the story of  a middle class man,  Professor Narayan Gandhi, whose small house in an old building in a now-upscale area of Mumbai has been usurped by an unscrupulous builder.  The builder has agreed to give the professor an apartment in the newly redeveloped, multi-storeyed building, but he refuses to honor his contract and the professor is forced to go to Court in Mumbai. There he must wrestle the Indian Judicial system with massive delays due to red tape,  court dates, adjournments, and lackadaisical or shark like lawyers. Is he successful in getting back his house? Is it worth what it costs him? His struggle for justice and his Mahatma Gandhian way of taking on the Indian Legal system makes the gist of the story.

Panel: “Finding Justice in an Unjust World” Rafael Cabrera, Rafael Mangual, Pratik Khandhadiya; Jeffrey Tucker, mod.