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Welcome to "Where Is the Voice of Reason?" FreedomFest 2018 July 11 - 14 2018 Paris Resort Las Vegas. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!
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Jason Stapleton

The Jason Stapleton Program
Jason Stapleton is a modern-day Renaissance man. A former special operations Marine turned soldier-for-hire, Jason is an expert in counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and hostage rescue. He spent years working alongside government agencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing security to the world's most powerful people. In 2009, Jason left his life as a hired gun for a career as an active currency trader. He founded one of the world's premiere trading education firms, where his knowledge of international finance and ability to simplify complex economic ideas have made him a go-to resource for anyone wanting to understand how central banks and governments affect our daily lives. Jason hosts The Jason Stapleton Program, a daily podcast where he discusses the economics and politics of current events. His show has quickly grown into one of the largest privately syndicated political shows in America, thanks to his unique perspective and broad range of life experience.