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Adam Kokesh

Adam vs The Man
Political Activist and Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Adam Kokesh is an accomplished writer, podcaster, public speaker, political activist and he is running to be the 2020 Libertarian Party's nominee for President. His platform is that of the peaceful, orderly and responsible dissolution of the entire Federal Government. His journey down this path began at the age of 17 when he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and subsequently volunteered to go to Iraq in 2004 with the Marine Corps Civil Affairs Team. After fulfilling his commitment to Marines, he joined Iraq Veterans Against the War and became a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party. His next endeavor was to host his own show and podcast "Adam vs The Man."  He has become known for his acts of civil disobedience. While imprisoned for civil disobedience Adam wrote "FREEDOM!" in which he introduces his innovative strategy of "Localization."