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Gabriele Hayes

Film Producer
Gabriele Hayes was born in the former East Germany.  She studied Russian and English and received her MA in 1989. After the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, she was allowed to travel.  She moved to the US and now lives in Los Angeles. Gabriele produced the documentary film One Germany, The Other Side of the Wall in 2011. It examines the reunification of Germany after 20 years and features interviews with the current president of Germany, former political prisoners, Stasi (East German secret police) officers, rock musicians, and comedians. Her other documentary From Red State to Golden State (2013) tells the story of Soviet Jews and their families who immigrated to Los Angeles before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Gabriele is the producer of Skid Row Marathon, featured in the Anthem Film Festival this year. Gabriele also produces magazine shows for German television.