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John Prevas

New York Times bestselling author John Prevas co-authored Power Ambition Glory with Steve Forbes (Random House), a study of six ancient leaders paralleling their strengths and weaknesses with contemporary business figures. John is known as the historian who retraces the steps of his iconic subjects, from the French Alps to remote mountain areas of eastern Turkey, and through the terrorist belt of Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. His other books include Envy of the Gods, (2004) the story of the unraveling and demise of Alexander the Great in the east; Xenophon’s March, (2001) tracing the route of ten thousand Greek mercenaries through the Persian Empire; and Hannibal Crosses the Alps, (1998) based on his extensive research in the southern French Alps to identify the famed route by which Hannibal invaded Italy. His latest book is Hannibal’s Oath (DaCapo Press, 2017), available at the FreedomFest bookstore.