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Jose Cordeiro

HumanityPlus, Millennium Project
Jose Luis Cordeiro is a world citizen in our small planet in a big unknown universe. He was born in Latin America from European parents, was educated in Europe and North America, and has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. He has studied, visited and worked in over 130 countries on 5 continents. He is chair of the Venezuelan Node of the Millennium Project, Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Developing Economies in Tokyo, and Founding Faculty at Singularity University in NASA Ames Research Park, Silicon Valley. He is also an independent consultant, writer, researcher, professor and “tireless traveler.” He has lectured several major institutions, from MIT in the USA and Sophia University in Japan to the Institute for Higher Studies in Administration and the Central University of Venezuela, where he created the first formal courses of Futures Studies (“Prospectiva”) and the Austrian School of Economics in Venezuela.