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Dr. Keith Ablow

Forensic Psychiatrist
Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist, multi-media journalist, serial entrepreneur, inventor and investor.  In addition to building a multi-city private practice, he has launched a nationally-syndicated television talk show, written 16 books (including New York Times and USA Today self-help and true crime bestsellers) and served a decade as a contributor for the Fox News Network. He is a frequent columnist for several major newspapers. He has founded companies in the technology space (www.causemo.com), the medical space (www.neuragain.com) and the retail product/invention space (www.lightninglaunch.com). Dr. Ablow also serves as the Chairman of the Editorial Board for the Gryphon Editions' Classics of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Library. Dr. Ablow has been profiled by or appeared as a guest more than 1,500 times on a host of television and radio programs.  He is considered one of the 35 most famous psychiatrists and one of the 5 most influential psychiatrists.