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Rebecca Gasca

Burning Man Ambassador
Rebecca Gasca is the founder and CEO of Pistil + Stigma, a boutique consulting firm focused at the intersection of government, regulatory, and community relations for bleeding edge policy issues.
Ms. Gasca grounds her marijuana clients’ business and growth strategies in a culture of quality assurance, safety, and security. Pistil + Stigma provides compliance templates, plans, and policies for responsible operators in the emerging medical and adult use marijuana industry that are based on existing state and federal best practice standards in the food, nutraceutical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries. She remains an outspoken advocate against the War on Drugs and supporter of medical marijuana patients, speaking publicly on the importance of patient-focused legal frameworks and reversing the disproportionate impact of the Drug War on communities of color. She is a former lobbyist for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nevada and Burning Man Ambassador.