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Welcome to "Where Is the Voice of Reason?" FreedomFest 2018 July 11 - 14 2018 Paris Resort Las Vegas. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!
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Rick Durfee

Durfee Law Group
Principal and Founder
Richard Durfee is a principal and founder with Durfee Law Group, PLLC, and has been practicing law since 1988. His practice is limited to providing estate and business planning services for wealthy individuals and their businesses.  Mr. Durfee focuses on preventive law, including dynasty estate planning, asset protection, strategic planning for business, charitable planning, and turning the gift of wealth into a blessing rather than a curse. He is president and director of Legacy Global Foundation, Inc., and is the founder of MyDocs.com. Mr. Durfee has authored many articles and publications, including: "Exit Strategies for Business Owners," "Leave Your Estate to Your Children without Ruining Them," "Now That You're In, How Are You Getting Out," "The Estate Planning Guide to Better Sex," and "Why All Trusts Are Not Created Equal."  He is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Your IRA: Asset or Ambush.  Mr. Durfee's personal motto is, "Live Well, Leave a Legacy."